Bejuba! Entertainment has been meeting with John and ZincoTools for some time, and we have been impressed by the quality of the designs and the passion to make excellent programming.

We feel the scope of their work – the design style and series -- are fresh and interesting with a lot of character.

We are so impressed by their design skills that we have asked them to create some designs for a CGI project we have been developing with some prominent development execs and writers in the US.  We are hoping that we’ll be able to continue working with them.

It is refreshing to come across talented companies with an understanding of what they can accomplish, what skills they bring to the table, and the limitations they have.   This is hugely important when putting together partners in a production so that we all know what is required in order to keep a production running smoothly.
We feel confident that John and Monica are both honest with what they can accomplish, and are striving to make everything better.

We are excited to be working with this company, and hope to be working with them for many years to come.

Tatiana Kober, President