Our Projects

Content Production is our CHALLENGE.

ZincoTools Entertainment is a crossmedia and animation producer  company that aims to create innovative and high quality projects on different platforms and media. But most importantly through our projects we want to give children the chance to have useful and powerful tools to build and discover their purpose in life.

  • 001
    MONO has found the way to escape out of the gruesome circus called FLEA-KU, disguised as Shepard dog. In that place he was a prisoner of the evil MR. KU,...
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  • 002
    Road to Volvennia
    ‘ED’ is packing his guitar and his skateboard because he has to move from his small town to a big city called VOLVENNIA. Though his mother ‘LANNA’ and his sister...
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  • 003
    Tika Boom
    In the depths of the universe there is a wonderful and fun place called TIKALAND, creatures on this planet have a particularity: they are born, they feed and grow with...
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  • 004
    Anna´s Real World
    Ana is "the queen of disaster," all the tragic situations of an adolescence seem to have conspired against her. Every day the young ANNA wakes up with a gorgeous smile...
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  • 005
    White Wings
    He lost his wings, she will bring them back. Shia is a beautiful angel who goes down to earth armed with all of God’s gifts to rescue Elio, a warrior...
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  • 006
    Teo y Tita on the Grand Tree
    Teo (5) and Tita (9) are prepared to help their father to build their longed tree house in the central park of the small condominium where they are living. What...
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  • 007
    Revelation Soccer
    After an armed conflict of unimaginable proportions, humanity tired of war agreed to a comprehensive peace treatment; for this reason they instituted a single world government. This government created the...
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  • 008
    La Perreteria
    Children love pets. However, children do not like to learn history. So... Why do not we tell the children the history through the eyes of pets? La Perreteria, is an...
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