White Wings

He lost his wings, she will bring them back.

Shia is a beautiful angel who goes down to earth armed with all of God’s gifts to rescue Elio, a warrior angel who turned into a fallen angel after he jumped down to earth without authorization.  What Elio feared the most was to go down to earth, because he didn’t wanted his memories to be erased. He was deeply in love with Shia and did not wanted to forget her, but he never imagined that only the king was able to send angels to earth with their memories intact. Now, imprisoned in a tragic life, Elio founds himself again with Shia in his high school, were she would have to do everything in her power to save him, but also fulfill the mission the king gave her: save the new generation from the Black Wings influence.  Shia would endure a harsh battle against time and evil, since Elio became a fallen angel, he is an easy pray for evil angels. White Wings is a story of an angel, and a demon who are in love, where the antagonist of love happens to be one of the protagonists.

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