Tika Boom

In the depths of the universe there is a wonderful and fun place called TIKALAND, creatures on this planet have a particularity: they are born, they feed and grow with music.
Besides, their cities are specially designed; each one represents an element of music; RHYTHM VILLE, MELODY HILLS, HARMONY CITY and TIMBRE TOWN.

In TIKALAND inhabit the TIKABOOMS, a very funny creatures that in each episode must solve a common situation by musical tools. When a TIKABOOM enters a musical city, he begins to experience a great transformation; appearance expands or shortens, the parts of his body change, his whole being begins to take the form of a related object element of the city. This is the TIKABOOM POWER! The best thing about this, is that although each TIKABOOM has a unique sound, they discover that their sound can make melodies, different rhythms in each place, maybe they can even play together and why not to be part of a great symphony!

Eventually children will discover along with TIKABOOMS that there is a world of fantasy and adventure where you can travel through sound.

Do you want to be a TIKABOOM?

BAHOL is a plump and tender creature that lives in a singular planet called TIKALAND, where he himself belongs to a special breed of creatures: the TIKABOOMS. They dominate the whole musical creativity with incredible powers that allow them to feel the music in their bodies.

BAHOL is a TIKABOOM that start to discover that he can do funny and wonderful sounds, he is surprised each time that he discover something new, jumping, rolling or just listening, but he does not know what it is or how it is called.

A narrator, who always accompanies, will guide him through comments and questions about different musical aspectsand taking him to diferent cities of TIKALAND where BAHOL will find his friends, VONAI and CADOS, who will help him and the children that undertake with us in this trip, to understand the basics of musical learning.

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