Road to Volvennia

‘ED’ is packing his guitar and his skateboard because he has to move from his small town to a big city called VOLVENNIA.
Though his mother ‘LANNA’ and his sister ‘EMMA’ are very happy with this change, Ed isn’t keen at all.
He isn’t the kind who has many friends and his only company till now has been his beloved guitar, which he inherited from his father. Little does he know that on his arrival his life changes forever!
There he meets ‘SOLE’, the stylish & cheerful singer who sports different hairstyles every day, ‘FLORENCE’, a quiet unassuming girl but a highly skilled guitar player, the happy & crazy ‘PICCO’ who doesn’t consider having a prosthetic limb as any hindrance to play those awesome bass lines, ‘PEPE’ big built but & a thinker, He can be gentle but is a skin slammer on the Drums. and finally we have 11 year old‘Kofu’, The Cool techie DJ with a paranoia towards germs and bugs.
But this group of talented musicians need a mentor, is in that precise moment where they know one of the greatest rock legends; MATHIAS ROTH, a musician who wants to forget his musical past fame. But the arrival of Ed to Volvennia, will also change the life to this reclusive man. And is because the insistence of the boys, that Mathías start listening to Ed ´s band and accede to train them under his "special ways".
With this new force, Volvennia may again become "the capital of rock". Until that happens, Ed and his friends understand that fame and success can only be achieved on the way to their dreams.

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