Revelation Soccer

After an armed conflict of unimaginable proportions, humanity tired of war agreed to a comprehensive peace treatment; for this reason they instituted a single world government. This government created the "single committee for reconciliation" SCFR, which is the regulator of all social, economic, cultural and sports activities around the globe. The committee banned the war as a regulator of world order and for this purpose, flatly forbade any kind of religion or expression of faith, as they say, ancient religions led mankind to destruction of war; the only expression of tolerated faith is the one which born within the institution and is based on mind control, promotes a state of mind of apparent peace and focuses on the respect, almost mystical, of a character with a charisma unmatched, who is the supreme leader of the committee.
There it was determined that the only way to resolve conflicts between different territories and ethnic groups would be through FOOTBALL (Soccer). It is for this reason that the territorial confederations (the new name for countries) invest their resources in creating footballing education centers, with an almost military rigor.
Jerome, a 10-year-old who was recruited by the directors of the academy BABYL FC after his parents disappeared mysteriously on a trip, have to deal with his fears upon entering this hostile institution where Jason and his henchmen want to end him at all costs just for the pleasure it brings them, and also to avoid more competition to be selected for global competition. Jerome knows Silvano a boy of 12 years old, who becomes like his protector, also known Sophy a competitive friend who stir in Jerome encouragement to continue.
But what fills true breath in Jerome is an old book that his grandmother handed him when he was a child, with the recommendation to never stop reading and if possible memorize all its lines. It is for this beautiful book that Jerome clandestinely read daily, that is knowing the true God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit, because: Heaven and earth will pass away but His Word will never pass.

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