MONO has found the way to escape out of the gruesome circus called FLEA-KU, disguised as Shepard dog. In that place he was a prisoner of the evil MR. KU, who longs to consummate his evil plans to take over the city of CANVILLE and develop his lurid experiments, for that reason he decided to keep MONO away from his dream... "To become the No. 1 race driver of the Formula ZIT ". In his quest for freedom, MONO reaches "PUPPY SPA", a canine beauty salon with a special home delivery service in wonderful truck vans. MONO must keep wearing his costume just to be hired as a delivery assistant in truck No. 8. His fellow driver, CACAU a crazy parrot who believes that he is the missing pet of BARBARROSA the pirate, and JACK a 19 year old guy who doesn’t pronounce a word, who is very EMO. Those 2 are the only ones who know MONO´s true identity. Along the way, MONO and his new friends, will have to get rid of the traps that Mr. KU and his mutant fleas are going to set for them in order to catch MONO and bring him back to the circus and suck out all his blood. But this will never happen because MONO will be the hero that the pets of CANVILLE will need. His extraordinary speed and intelligence will be the determining factors for the pets to reach their homes healthy. In this funny adventure the CANVILLE streets will become the track that MONO needs to become the fastest driver throughout the city.

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