Anna´s Real World

Ana is "the queen of disaster," all the tragic situations of an adolescence seem to have conspired against her. Every day the young ANNA wakes up with a gorgeous smile because she is very spontaneous and cheerful, yet her days since she turned 13 are particularly "Dark & fun", because of the fact that ANA is dramatically exaggerated, making her life full of adventure, drama and suspense. She is usually trying to break free of the most embarrassing situations using her best weapon: the imagination.

“Anna´s first date” is part of a series called Anna's REAL WORLD. A 52 x 11 CG animates series. Target 9 -12. Each episode, in the particular life of ANA, has a funny situation that ANNA should emerge victorious through her imagination.
One day ANNA when was boarding the bus loses her shoe and she had to be without shoe the whole day. Another day, when she was preparing to leave the bathroom at the house of boy who likes her, it fails to pull the chain of the toilet. Another experience was the first time with hair dye and then ... it does not come out quite right ...
The shame of ANNA in every conflict seems to awake in her, the ability to get ahead and to give it an unconventional solution.
With phrases like "earth swallow me" or " that a lightning fall on me " ANNA imagine the world around her truly literal and when something embarrassing happens, ANNA says any of these phrases and actually it happens !, but this will happen only in her imagination. So at the end she will be the funny teenager who take life with humor and drama at the same time.

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