About us

 A little about ZincoTools

Our passion is to create useful tools for children, this way they can know and understand which is their purpose in life.

In ZincoTools every day is a learning adventure. Our experienced team of artists and creative people have a heart of a child; this is due to their ability to be amazed with small discoveries of each daily challenges, that way encourages them to continue and persevere in the creation of projects with greater commitment and responsibility to raise up a  generation of children who need to have tools and relevant entertainment for them to identify their  purpose in life.

We believe that animation and digital content are powerful artistic expressions that can transform lives.

ZincoTools Entertainment was created four years ago not only to be a successful company in the field of children's entertainment, but an organization that within is able to identify, educate, potencialice and spread the talent of its creative collaborators, serving them as a platform for their individual growth.
We also work together with other organizations to ensure the upgrowth of children in cities or neighborhoods where we are allowed to work, with programs like music education workshops or animation and artistic creation workshops.


Who we are

John Hernandez

Animation producer, business animation developer, passionate entrepreneur and creative & art director with more than fifteen years of experience in the creation of different type of projects in the media and entertainment field.
He worked in different organizations, from small business to top leading broadcasters in Colombia. John has great experience creating international co-productions and sustainable business plans.

His goals are to create and produce content for children with great principles, that will become a tool for families in the process of raising a generation of children committed to their surroundings and able to transform the generations to come.

He has received an arts and architecture degree from the Piloto University in Colombia and a Master in business administration and international affairs at the EAN University.

His greatest success in life is being the husband of Monica Rocha and the father of  Simon and Juanita.


Monica Rocha

She is the ZincoTools co-founder, writer of children's content and content director of ZincoTools. She has worked in the design and development of original ideas with the zincotools team, creating the universes through each story where children find a rich entertainment that allows them to dream and learn.

She recived a Musical Arts degree from the District University in Bogota. She has composed and arranged music for different contexts including urban formats, traditional Andean music and advertising & publicity jingles.

She has taught singing and music for more than 15 years.

Foto Monica